Tourism New Westminster acknowledges that we operate within the traditional territory of the Qayqayt First Nation.


Tourism New West (TNW) is a not-for-profit organization and the official Destination Management Organization of New Westminster. 

Our vision is to provide visitors with an authentic tourism experience that highlights the City’s unique attributes and provides sustainable economic growth through tourism to the community.  Our mission is to lead, develop, and promote New Westminster in a way that will attract visitors to enjoy the opportunities in New Westminster as a destination. 

Last year, TNW developed a 5-year Strategic Plan which will guide the organization’s initiatives starting in 2021.  A significant portion of the plan is focused on Destination Marketing to promote New Westminster.  Find our Strategic Plan Executive Summary here. 

TNW is seeking a Marketing Consultant that can consult with the organization and develop an operational Marketing Plan that aligns with the Strategic Plan to meet its overarching goals. The Consultant will advise on the appropriate tools and required resources needed to operationalize and execute the Marketing Plan. 



The purpose of this contract is to develop a 2-year marketing plan that points directly to tactics and any supporting documents that will provide: 

  1. Clear direction on how the organization can promote the destination and organization 
  2. Marketing strategies that can be implemented over the next 2 years, the resources required, and clear direction on how to implement 
  3. Core marketing activities that should be standard practice, and tactics associated with different recommended levels of spend in consideration of an incremental budget 
  4. Examples of how to develop, package, and present tourism experiences 


Scope of Work 

Phase 1: Scan 

Review Tourism New West’s existing assets, marketing tactics, and engagement findings 

Phase 2: Analysis & Recommendations  

Discuss impressions from the scan and provide TNW with recommendations on how to best position the organization and improve marketing efforts.  Determine what is possible with limited resources and allow for flexibility/scalability depending on fluid budgets. Identify core tools required for marketing, promotion and monitoring performance/tracking analytics. Make recommendations on content development for key communications platforms. 

Phase 3: Brand & Engagement 

Engage with TNW internal and key external stakeholders to discuss TNW as an organization and New Westminster as a destination.  Familiarize yourself with the existing brand and determine where and how to best to apply and reignite the brand. Outline how this work can be implemented within the Marketing Plan and communicated externally. 

Phase 4: Marketing Plan 

Develop the Marketing Plan based on work from the phases above. Operationalize recommendations to achieve overarching objectives, and consider the Strategic Plan’s targets, positioning and messaging in addition to other measurables.  Provide explicit actionable tactics in a content calendar with consideration of time allocation required. 

Phase 5: Reporting  

Provide a final report and powerpoint presentation that will be presented to the Board. 



The following should be considered and inforall Phases: 

Industry best practices 

  • How do other Destination Management Organizations promote their destination: ex: platforms, tools, campaigns, partnerships? 
  • Where are there opportunities to align with Destination BC programs? 


  • What kind of content is newsworthy to earned media and how should TNW communicate it? 
  • What forms of paid media are a good fit for the organization and how can you measure ROI? 

Website design and function 

  • Does the current website suit our needs and how can it be improved? 
  • What key information or features are we missing, and how can user experience be streamlined? 
  • How does the design compare to industry standards and current trends? 
  • How can the content better reflect the brand? 
  • Are there additional tools that should be considered for website utility and positive guest experiences? 

Social Media 

  • How can a Social Media strategy with execution tactics be included in the Marketing Plan? 
  • What platforms and content are trendy and worth investing resources in? 

Experience Development 

  • How to build experiences to create more tourism product  
  • How to bundle activities and promote them 


  • How and when to engage with locally-driven campaigns 
  • Are there other strategies or tools to promote New West and the TNW brand? 
  • What staff resource capacity is required 
  • This city has a strong community and a lot to offer. New West is only 15 square km, be sensitive to the fact that it is decidedly by the Fraser River. 


Travel Requirements 

No travel will be required. 





Tourism New West Support  

Tourism New West will provide the following documents: 

  • Tourism New West Strategic Plan 
  • Previous Marketing Plans  
  • Tactical Plans 
  • Stakeholder Engagement feedback 
  • Any other additional information that may be deemed necessary 


Location of Work  

Work to be performed on contractors premises. Communications will be done by email, phone, video/zoom or teleconferences. 



2 Year Marketing Plan  

Any stand-alone supporting documents that support the Plan 

Final report/Presentation 

Target dates for the completion of this contract are as follows: 


Evaluation Metrics/Criteria 

Proposals will be evaluated based on: 

  • Samples of: your past work, case studies, or examples of past clients that will provide reference 
  • A proven success record working with similar non-profits; 
  • Your expertise and technical skills in marketing & communications and strategic planning;  
  • Ability to deliver in timeline noted above; and  
  • Cost of services 
  • Familiarity with New Westminster and its assets 


Submission Requirements 

In your project proposal, please provide a detailed work plan outlining: 

  • Proposal Description  
  • Key Activities, Description, Deliverables  
  • Milestones/Timing  
  • Costs/Estimates, Breakdowns  
  • Cash Flow  
  • Proposal Management Plan  
  • Supporting Documents: 
  • Qualifications  
  • References  
  • Samples of previous work  

The contract is not to exceed $20,000 CDN, plus applicable taxes.  Expenses related to travel are not part, nor are required, for this contract and will not be reimbursed. 


Send proposals to the attention of Barbara Fairbrother via email: no later than 5:00pm March 31st, 2021.  

The contract start would be early April, 2021.

Click for a pdf of this RFP here.