A Bubble Tea Lover’s Guide to New West

New Westminster is the perfect place for bubble tea lovers — but with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start! This handy guide will help you find your next spot to relax and sip some delicious bubble tea! We’ve included several sample drinks to give you an idea of what each bubble tea spot offers. 

Bubble Tea
Photo credit: @bobacabana / Instagram

Bobocabana serves up bubble tea made with high-quality loose-leaf tea, homemade syrups and fresh fruit. They also have excellent homemade desserts and waffles if you need a snack! Try their real-fruit slushes and teas, signature brewed teas and so much more! You can also veganize your drink with plant-based milk options. 

Sample Drinks: Strawberry Matcha Galaxy, Yuzu Lemon Bojito 

Bubble World 
Bubble tea
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At Bubble World New Westminster, there are so many options to choose from! They have fruit teas, milk teas, green and red teas, coffees, slushes, shaved ice, ice cream drinks and more. Bubble World is also known for its Taiwanese cuisine—they have a wide variety of dishes including stir-fries, hot pot, noodles and fried rice. 

Sample Drinks: Milky Rose Tea, White Chocolate Oreo Slush 

Chatime New West 
Bubble tea
Photo credit: @meal.lyn / Instagram

At Chatime guests can choose from a wide variety of flavours and toppings, so it’s easy to customize your drink just the way you like it. Chatime brews their tea fresh in-house and uses natural flavours in their signature milk teas, fruit teas, speciality drinks, matcha drinks, smoothies and brown sugar pearls. Make sure to add your favourite toppings as well! 

Sample Drinks: Roasted Milk Tea, Chocolate Malt Milk Tea, Candied Watermelon Latte, QQ Mango 

Dakasi New West 
Bubble tea
Photo credit: @christy.chomps / Instagram

Dakasi was first established in Taiwan in 1990, and theyre bringing their fresh teas and delicious flavours to New West with their first location in Canada! They have both classic and unique flavours, so you’ll surely find a new or familiar favourite. 

Sample Drinks: Charcoal Oolong Milk Tea, Mango Black Tea, Black Sugar Milk Tea, Avocado Slush 

Gong Cha New Westminster 
Bubble tea
Photo credit: @butterandjen / Instagram

Originally from Taiwan, Gong Cha has expanded across the world, including their new location in New Westminster! Offering high-quality tea, they have top-notch flavours and unique toppings including Crème Brûlée and Oreo Milk Foam. We recommend enjoying your bubble tea with one of their mouthwatering bubble waffles. 

Sample Drinks: Brown Sugar Pearl Oolong Milk Tea with Oreo Milk Foam, Crème Brûlée Strawberry Latte, Sparkling Lime Grape Tea with Coconut Jelly 

Ninja Bubble Tea Express 
Bubble tea
Photo credit: @ninjabbtrm / Inatagram

If you just can’t get enough bubble tea, then you need to head over to Ninja Bubble Tea Express. They offer the largest bubble tea size in New West—a massive 1 litre size! Try their scrumptious selection of hot drinks, milk tea, fresh fruit tea and blended drinks. They also offer food items such as their Ninja hot dogs which are topped with nori, teriyaki, mayo, and furikake. 

Sample Drinks: Calamansi Black Tea, The Loco Ferrero, Ninja Milk Tea, Oreo Watcha Matcha 

Sago Togo 
Bubble Tea
Photo credit: @sagotogo / Instagram

Sago Togo is a family-owned business featuring delectable Filipino-inspired flavoursThey have a great selection of milk teas, fruit teas, and frappes. Also try their bubble waffle cones and Filipino desserts! 

Sample Drinks: Buko Pandan Drink, Pineapple Bubble Tea, Honeydew Bubble Tea 

Tiger Sugar 
Bubble tea
Photo credit: @thegnap / Instagram

Tiger Sugar is best known for their signature brown sugar bubble tea drinks. The famous combination of pearls and caramelized brown sugar is a must-try! 

Sample Drinks: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, Brown Sugar Pearl Green Tea Latte with Cream Mousse 


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