Brand Guidelines


For partners and community members who are working with Tourism New West, these are the branding guidelines and logo files.
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The logo should be used in primary colours for most purposes. Choose a colour that is clearly legible and contrasts against the background.

When using the logo with other business logos, choose a colour that differentiates New West from surrounding logos.


Tourism Descriptor Logo

This logo is only for use when Tourism New West needs to be identified as an organization instead of a destination, such as when the organization is sponsoring an event or is part of a corporate function.

Correct Logo Use

Use logo colours and styles that contrast with and complement the image.

No prominent detail of the main subject should intersect with the logo in a way that is distracting.

Primary colours should be the first choice for the logo over a background. When the primary
colour does not contrast or complement with the background, choose a black or white logo.

Secondary colours can also be used for the logo when appropriate.

Logo Misuse

Colour Palette

Colours were chosen to acknowledge New Westminster’s industrial, riverfront palette and its cozy neighbourhoods.


Hex 90181B

RGB 144 24 27

CMYK 25 100 100 30

Hex 32675E

RGB 50 103 94

CMYK 80 40 60 25

Hex 76848b

RGB 118 132 139

CMYK 60 40 40 10


Hex aa5b26

RGB 170 91 38

CMYK 25 70 100 15

Hex 0a2d3a

RGB 10 45 58

CMYK 10 45 58

Hex e5dbb8

RGB 229 219 184

CMYK 10 10 30 0

Hex f0ead8

RGB 240 234 216

CMYK 5 5 15 0


To ensure brand consistency and align the visual and voice of Tourism New West, use the following primary and secondary typefaces.

Consideration has been given to allow ease of access to fonts for all partners. None of these fonts require the purchase of a special license.


Aller Regular

Aller Bold


Zilla Slab Regular

Zilla Slab Bold


Verdana Regular

Verdana Bold