Another Fresh-Faced Addition to the Team: Jocelyn Wong

picMeet our new Tourism Ambassador: Jocelyn Wong

Hello everyone! 

My name’s Jocelyn and I’m pleased to be the newest addition to Tourism New Westminster’s team. Currently, I’m studying at Simon Fraser University for a BA in English and a future degree in Journalism. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to work for this company because it gives me the chance to pursue my passion: Sharing the multifaceted cultures, diverse perspectives and distinct characters of others. Fortunately, New Westminster offers all of that and more! 

The old capital of British Colombia has a soft spot in my heart for various reasons. For one, it’s where I live. To be able to walk everyday through a city with such a rich, vast history is so valuable to me; I feel perpetually inspired to write people’s stories. This area is chock-full of interesting tales, hidden pasts and the chance to explore lesser known gems; just the warmth of  Colombia Street’s red brick buildings and the coziness of the heritage homes in The Brow of the Hill district are enough to keep me grounded.

And New Westminster isn’t just a place with an expansive history or an interesting architectural layout—it is an ever-growing, ever-improving community! The city is bursting with personality, as various festivals, markets and special events are always in rotation. I’ve also been blessed to have worked for a few local establishments throughout the region and I can proudly vouch for the ingenuity of small business owners. As New Westminster continues to expand and more people visit, those prized local businesses help to retain the area’s authenticity and charm.

If you’re taking a visit to the inimitable New Westminster, consider checking out the River Market by the Quay. During the Great Fire of 1898 (a natural disaster that had demolished nearly 1/3rd of the region), the city’s first ever public market was destroyed. Although replacements were built and rebuilt over time, it took many years before a true community space could re-emerge. The River Market fulfilled our wishes and has become an extremely popular one-stop-shop for locals and tourists alike. This beloved and easily accessible market by the water has offered visitors an array of things to eat, see and do. From pottery and painting classes, to live music, monthly craft markets and local restaurants (Try Re-Up BBQ, Long Tail and Pamola Bakery), the River Market is sure to emanate this city’s very essence.

I’m so excited to see what this summer has in store for me with Tourism New Westminster. If you’d like to meet with me and chat, I can be found at the Anvil Center or at various fun events throughout the city. Regardless of the relationship you have with this wonderful place we call the Royal City, I hope we can appreciate and discover it together! ♥