Build Your Own Industry FAM Tour

Throughout the years, Tourism New West has hosted exciting industry familiarization tours (FAM tours) with front-staff in the industry. FAM tours are excursions put together with the purpose of educating industry professionals of a destination or of a company’s tourism products and services. With so much to do in New West, we wanted to share a few activities in each neighbourhood to allow you to experience your own FAM tour!

Stop #1: Say ‘Hello’ to the Uptown Neighbourhood!

Home to many festivities, this neighbourhood has a way to keep visitors busy. Explore the local restaurants, shops, historic parks, and theatres in the uptown neighbourhood!

Take a tour backstage at Massey Theatre

See the official stage that gathers together writers, performers, and designers to bring life to the arts scene in New West. Take a step backstage and see this theatre from a whole new perspective.

Walk through Queen’s Park

See the heritage homes in the streets of Queen’s Park. Visit the Arts Council of New West , rose gardens, and perhaps watch a Salmonbellies game in the Queen’s Park arena.

Stop # 2: Welcome to the Queensborough Neighbourhood!

Home of the Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre, Starlight Casino and the Port Royal Community park and gardens. Take a stroll in the queensborough neighbourhood  situated on top of the Fraser River.

Take an insider look at the Starlight Casino

Whether it’s to see a show or you are looking to enter a food coma, this casino offers a variety of entertainment. Best of luck!

Take a stroll in the new Port Royal Community park and gardens

This newly developed park and gardens will allow you to relax and enjoy the view. While you’re there, experience the Q to Q ferry excursion.

Stop #3: See the lively streets of Downtown New West

Make new memories in this neighbourhood full of events. Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for the best cup of coffee or a good date spot, downtown New West  will not disappoint you with the endless selection that it offers.

Visit the Westminster Pier Park

Take a stroll in this urban park where free summer yoga, Music by the River and the Safe & Sound Music Festival are held. Lounge on the hammocks, play volleyball, soak your feet in the sand, and let your dog play. Wander to the very end and find the famous WOW Westminster public art display!

Explore the River Market

Discover craft shops and the Vancouver Circus School in the River Market . This market will satisfy your cravings with its local eateries and the view of the river.

Take a wander in the Fraser River Discovery Centre

See how our daily consumptions affect the river. Discover facts about the Fraser River with fun interactive activities for all ages.

Swing by the Anvil Centre

See the beautifully built Anvil Centre and visit the New Media Art Gallery as well as the Museum and Archives.

Stop #4: Explore the Sapperton Neighbourhood

Visit the neighbourhood where the Sappers once stood. Situated on the east side of New West, Sapperton  knows how to cultivate your artistic side. Making new friends is easy with all the festivities and local restaurants.

Discover Art Galleries and Studios

Get inspired at the Van Dop Gallery, one of Canada’s only home-galleries and unleash your creativity at 100 Braid Studio where paint & sip nights will literally feed your inspiration.

Walk down to E Columbia

Take a stroll down East Columbia. Find delicious treats at Fratelli Bakery  and test your skills at Sapperton District Taphouse , home of the Taphouse Trivia Tuesdays. Along the way don’t forget to stop by the newly renovated Sapperton Park!

Find hidden public art displays               

Walk through the streets in the Sapperton neighbourhood and discover a few of the amazing public art displays in the area. See “The Play” installation at Sapperton Park, “Pop up Home” at the Brewery District, and the “Sappers were here” neon banner visible from the Sapperton Skytrain station.

Explore each neighbourhood with all of these activities and experience your own FAM tour with this guide. Have more ideas or suggestions in mind? Let us know your favourite activities in New West, and have fun experiencing your own FAM tour!

Anna Almonte

Multilingual tea lover; warm, hot, cold or bubble I love it all. I’m a petite powerlifter and a dog-less dog lover who enjoys a good bowl of noodles. Born and raised in New West, a former Hyack Ambassador and a passionate community advocate, I’m always here to help.