L’Onore Pizza

L’Onore is a place to connect, share, love, enjoy and be.

We are guests in your home. We want to show up with pizza and beer or wine and leave with a story, new friends, and a slice of the best pizza you have ever had.

We create our pizzas with monkish purity and simplicity. Each ingredient is sourced with integrity and care; our dough is naturally leavened, and we mill local organic wheat every day to make our dough. Our wheat is sourced from the best grower (Cedar Isle Farm), and we use organic tomatoes from Northern California (Bianco Di Napoli). Using such ingredients, we create a pizza that is healthy, light, and very easy to digest.

We wish to continue our journey to discover ourselves through pizza and be a destination for pizza lovers to rediscover pizza as wholesome food, not as fast food.

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