Mean Poutine

In 2011 an ambitious BC Lions Football Player, Sherko Haji-Rasouli set out with his passion for food to open a family run restaurant in downtown Vancouver.  After searching for the perfect location, a space became available right in the heart of the Granville entertainment district.  He decided, what better to feed the Granville party people than the irresistable combination of hotdogs and poutine.  Getting together with his teammate and fellow 300lb+ offensive lineman Jon Hameister-Ries, they set out to construct the ultimate late night foodmega menu to satisfy the ravenous crowd.  The combination of classic Quebecois poutine and west coast innovation was formed.  With hard work and a desire to be the best poutine spot in vancouver, the Haji-Rasouli family worked countless late nights feeding the people to make Mean Poutine a `must eat` for tourists and locals alike.

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