River’s Reach Pub

The history of the River’s Reach Pub only began in 2000, although one look inside and you’ll be transported to the early 1900’s. The Pub has successfully brought back a sense of the ‘Old West Coast’ in ‘New West’. River rock and unique hardwoods have found a hillside home in a community that dates back over a hundred years.

Simply put, the River’s Reach Pub is where ‘Tradition Meets Excellence’. On Dec.14, 2000 this ‘multi award winning’ pub officially opened for business and gave everyone a modern day account of New Westminster history. The architecture, craftsmanship and woodwork are unmatched, but it’s the attention to detail that is second to none. From the fireplaces, picture walls and 19th century antiques this pub has to be seen to be appreciated. Come in and make yourself at home- life is just a bit simpler here, and perhaps you too can reach for a piece of a day gone by!

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