Cups of Coffee for Rainy Days

With what feels to be an onslaught of unending rainy and cold days, the perfect cup of coffee seems to be the solution to both cold hands and a need for a nap. That’s why we’ve come up with some of the best cafes to visit all throughout the New West!

Craft Cafe
photo credit: @my_foodcrush_yvr / Instagram

With a pillow-filled seating area, Craft Cafe is one of the comfiest coffee spots in New West! They offer an abundance of specialty coffees and teas, along with an extensive food menu, which includes items like their French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches and their Seafood & lobster grilled cheese. Within the coffee shop, you can also find a wide selection of fair trade chocolate bars and various types of sweets. And if none of those things has convinced you yet, then you may be interested to know that they are also the winners of numerous different awards such as the “Best Cup of Coffee – New West” award and a Reader’s Choice for “Best Service” award. 

Flavour Balance Espresso Bar 
Fresh cinnamon buns with icing on top
photo Credit: @flavorbalancenw / Instagram

Located in Uptown New West, Flavour Balance Espresso Bar is truly a hidden gem! While they have a variety of yummy espresso and non-coffee drinks, we recommend trying some of their mouth-watering pastries and cakes which are all made in-house. With absolutely delicious food, a warm, inviting interior and friendly staff, Flavour Balance is the perfect place to hide on the rainiest fall days.


 Serious Coffee
photo credit: @foodie.kookie / Instagram

With a vast menu and “incredible edibles,” Serious Coffee ensures a seriously good experience. Located at plaza 88, they are one of the newest businesses of Downtown New West. Their location is easily accessible by car as they are right across the square station plaza parking lots, and by transit (they’re only a 2-minute walk from the New West Skytrain station). They offer various cold drinks such as frappes and Italian sodas, as well as hot drinks such as matcha lattes and hot apple cider in addition to the coffees found on a regular coffee shop menu. Take a look at all the options yourself here!


Hive Cafe
photo credit: @aericaish / Instagram

Whether you’re looking for specialty donuts, vegan marshmallow cookies or a veggie wrap to have for lunch, Hive Cafe has you covered! With various vegan and gluten-friendly treats available, an extensive list of coffees and even popsicles, it’s always easy to find something to your taste at Hive Cafe. Additionally, they are also known for their minimalist aesthetic and indoor greenery, adding to the overall deeply enjoyable experience of visiting Hive. 


the Hideout Cafe
photo credit: @dumoshomesgroup / Instagram

Hidden away in a cozy corner near the law courts on Carnarvon St., the Hideout Cafe is a must-try! Their drink menu includes organic and fair trade coffees and espresso drinks, and their lunch menu includes salads and sandwiches for when you’re feeling a bit hungry. If you’re in a hurry, you can also call them at 604-521-3344 a few minutes ahead of your arrival so you can make the most of your time during a busy day! 


Though we’ve highlighted some of our recommendations here, New West is home to numerous other cafes that could become your next favorite place to be! Check out a list of a few other cafes here and make sure to share your adventure with us using the hashtag #MadeInNewWest.