Dog Friendly New West

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New West is welcoming to all beings, but it’s safe to say that we’re especially partial to fur babies. From the sheer amount of doggie pampering centres, pet boutiques and dog parks that we offer, you can veritably assume that New West knows just how to treat your pup right! Whether you’re celebrating your pet’s birthday or you’re making up for a busy, cuddle-free week, here are some local places to take your best dog friend!


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Take your pet to one of the many off-leash dog parks in New Westminster. Most notably, Moody Park has a wonderful pet-friendly area that is shaded by large evergreen trees and surrounded by lush greenery. Here, your pooch can make new furry friends, while you chat with fellow dog owners.



For a more luxurious dog-pampering experience, Uptown Dawg is the place to visit. This crate-free environment will be your dog’s home away from home. If you have a high energy doggo, Uptown Dawg will help them get their daily exercise so that they can come home ready to snooze. With an Adventure Hike, your pup can enjoy a 2 hour adventure in the woods with up to 6 of their pals. Or choose to take them on a Ranch Run, which will allow them to roam freely at a ranch in Anmore!  



This dog-centric establishment also offers Bed & Breakfast’s for when you need some time away from your fluffy friend. And on their birthday, Uptown Dawg hosts “pawties” for your dog and his or her buddies. For the even, your dog will receive a custom baked, bone-shaped cake in the flavour of their choosing; beef Liver, Chicken Liver with Butternut Squash or Peanut Butter Banana are all awesome options. The cakes are all topped off with yogurt icing in your dog’s favourite colour. And even better, the company will create an entire photo album of the day for you to view on their Facebook page!


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Next, Rocky Point Ice Cream recently opened up a new location in Uptown New West. And unsurprisingly, they’re serving up dog-friendly cold treats! K9 Doggie Ice Cream is a dog’s best dream; this dessert is safe for your furry friends and topped off with a drool-worthy milkbone! Also, while your pet licks away on their own fun snack, you can also grab a couple scoops of delicious Rocky Point ice cream. 


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Every year, a Paw Fest proceeds in Queensborough. This one day festival celebrates pup-culture by bringing pet friendly games, treats and obstacle courses to the area. And for the humans of the event, a BBQ will be on site. Although this year’s Paw Fest has already occurred, make sure to watch out for the next one. They’re run by the Queensborough Special Programs Committee. 


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Lastly, your go-to shop for doggy supplies will be Zoomies Doggy Daycare and Training Centre! In their boutique, you’ll find high quality dog food, treats, training essentiuals, gifts and more. They cater to all breeds and sizes and know just how to make your doggo feel special. Just to name a few of their featured products, Nina Otteson makes interactive pet activity toys and treat puzzle games that will keep your pets mentally stimulated.


New West loves dogs. So come here and show the furry friend in your life how much you love them! After all, they’re the ones who always shower you with unconditional love.