Exploratory Weekend in New Westminster Filled With Fun, Food, and Findings!

Past couple of weeks have been filled with fun, food and new attractions.

With the New West Cultural Crawl approaching, I decided to download the neartuit app to use during my adventures.  I really enjoy old photos, history and seeing what a building used to look like in the past and the stories that go along with it, and New Westminster is the perfect City for that.

Another first for me was stopping in at the New West Farmer’s Market, and what a treat.  Bread & Cheese was there (it’s like the Cubano sandwich is following me…in a good way).  I picked up some baked goods, hummus and fresh produce.  This is the perfect stop on your way home from work during the summer, the market is open until 7pm on Thursday’s.

And of course yummy eats took place. Checked out the new Mexican restaurant in Sapperton, Ay Picante…tons of options, tacos on point and a salsa bar (love being able to play around with heat levels).  Before we headed to Pandora’s Locks (which I’ll talk more about in a bit) we made it a schnitzel night at The Old Bavaria Haus, then during the New West Cultural Crawl stopped in at Longtail Kitchen for some prawn pad thai which never disappoints.


Where’s Becky you ask?  Don’t ask my friends and I since we weren’t able to finish our escape room at Pandora’s Locks, but we were so close and sure had fun trying.  The room we chose was 80s themed, and if you grew up in the 80s like I did then this is the room for you. You can book online or by email.

I kept my Sunday wide open for all things Cultural Crawl. Absolutely loved my first stop at Van Dop Gallery. A gallery in a heritage home creates such a unique and comfortable environment. It was established in 1996 and is filled with pieces from several Canadian artists and in particular they are currently presenting the New West 7: Greg Freedman, Jim Walsh, Leslie Poole, Lanta Meng, Gabor Gaztonyi, Jerry MacLaughlin and Rodrigo Sarrat-Cave. Thank you Trudy for making me feel so welcome. Then headed Downtown where I stopped in at the Anvil Centre to check out the latest exhibits at the New Media Gallery (Gyre) and New Westminster Museum (People Gotta Move), both are very cool and a must see.