The 10 Best Places for Chocolate in New West

With Easter this weekend we have chocolate on our mind! But forget about waxy bunnies and eggs, we have searched out the best places in New West to fulfill your chocolate cravings. Great chocolate treats come in all shapes and sizes, and well, we love them all.

Here are some of our favorite chocolate eats in town:

This Brooklyn-Style Ukrainian treat is baked daily at Kozak with their from-scratch dough, butter and real chocolate. The soft exterior and slightly crunchy chocolate layers go together perfect to make a rich, but not too sweet chocolate snack.

Chocolate Caramel Donut
Not all donuts are created equally, but this impeccable donut is fit for royalty. The soft buttery brioche dough is dipped in handcrafted chocolate glaze and drizzled with caramel sauce. Royal City Donuts can be found wit their fresh baked treats locally at New West markets and beyond.
Single Origin Chocolate Bars
Sun or rain, visit the River Market’s Origins Chocolate Bar for a wide selection of high-end handcrafted chocolate bars made locally, and all around the world. There is something for everyone with unique bean-to-bar chocolates like chilli mango white chocolate, to bourbon dark chocolate
Chocolate Chocolate Cookie
For those with dietary restrictions, look no further then this gluten free double chocolate cookie. Cloud 9 specializes in gluten free baking, and this option is also fully vegan, but still packs a rich chocolatey punch.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar
Indulge in some imported sweets at the Holland Shopping Centre. This ‘melk caramel zeezout’ bar is a favorite Dutch confection by a company with a social mission, Tony’s Chocolonely. This milk chocolate bar is studded with chucks of crunchy caramel and sea salt.
Start your day off right with the perfect mocha. Dark chocolate syrup, steamed milk and Pallet Coffee Benchmark espresso locally roasted in Vancouver, come together in Hive’s chocolate mocha.

Chocolate Gelato
Frozen treats are great for the summer, and this chocolate gelato is a perfect go-to. Grab a scoop of this rich chocolate gelato at Tre Galli in the River Market and walk the boardwalk in the sunshine for two treats in one.
Hot Chocolate
Foamy steamed milk, and in house made hot-cocoa mix creates this delicious drink. Stop by Old Crow coffee bar for their specialty coffees, and rotating art instalments.
Chocolate Milkshake
Take a step back in time while enjoying an old-fashioned chocolate milkshake. This cool and creamy milkshake is made from blended ice cream, topped with real whip cream and a chocolate drizzle. You can even order this Burger Heaven milkshake with added Irish cream!
Silk Chocolate Truffle Bar
Descried as a cross between a fudgy brownie and truffle chocolate, this square is prefect for those with a sweet tooth. Baked daily, this treat can be found at both Fratelli Bakery locations.