Your Guide To The Best Summer Beer & Wine!

Steel & Oak


Take a minute for yourself and enjoy the Roselle beer from Steel & Oak to crunch your thir

st. Roselle is a refreshing wheat ale infused with floral notes, bananas, raspberries and a touch a spice, the perfect combination for a perfect summer beer in New Westminster. It’s not everyday you stumble upon a beer with not only berries in general, but mixed with bananas and spice! That’s what I call a game changer for beers. For any beer lovers, this is the one to make sure you look out for.


With gin-like notes and a twist of citrus, Katja takes your taste buds to another level of satisfaction.  The jupiter berries give the beer a crisp bitterness that can presented as a nice finish to the beer. For beer lovers who love the hint of a hard liquor, this one is for you. The crispy taste can be enjoyed with whatever meal you may want to pair with and gives out that citrus sunshine feel. With this unique and delicious taste, you can enjoy it with any occasion whether on a patio or during a night out with your friends this summer. Definitely a must taste beer at Steel & Oak.


There is no better way to celebrate summer than with a Steel & Oak Radler, half lemonade and half beer.  Radler’s are known as the summer drink that is enjoyed by many. But unlike many other radlers you taste, Steel & Oak Brewery makes their Radler with a more citrus taste.  It’s a lot more refreshing than you would think and a definite crowd pleaser. Even if you’re not a big beer fan, this is one you’re going to want to try!


Another Beer Co.

Another brewery is coming to New West! Watch out!

I’m very excited for Another Beer Co. to make its way to the Sapperton area soon. Exploring different breweries and tasting what they have to offer is the highlight of the summer for me. When you adventure on to Another Beer Co. get a flight of 4-5 of the beers that seem most intriguing to you and give them a try. Discovering new breweries is always a fun way to spend the day, so enjoying the sunshine with some mouth-watering beer, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Pacific breeze


Have some fun in the sun, and pour yourself a nice glass of rose to top off the day. The Pacific Breeze Rose has become one of the most popular wines in New West selling out almost instantly once on the market. I feel this wine has become as popular as it is, because of its distinctive fruity taste that has differentiated itself compared to other rose wines out there.  It is refreshing and craved with local wine drinking. Whether you are into red or whites This Rose wine can be shared with any wine lover.


Wine Factory

What better way is there to spend a night summer night, than by going somewhere where you can not only drink fantastic wine, but actually make it yourself!?

The wine factory was originally located in Uptown New West and now Downtown. It is the first on premise wine store for actually creating your very own wine! There is no other place like this in New West. Come and experience this historic business and enjoy a nice glass of your OWN wine, made at the Wine Factory.

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