Big Star Sandwich Co.

Our sandwiches start with a fresh rustic Filone, it’s like a cross between a ciabatta and a baguette. The Filone has great sauce absorption and retention, which allows us to add tons of our house made sauces for maximum flavour.

Next, we add our meat. We cook our roast beef in house, it’s slow roasted overnight for 13hrs. It’s sliced fresh and steamed to order. We only serve house cooked, hand-pulled turkey breast and thigh. Our turkey is pulled fresh, so it’s always ready for your lunchtime cravings. We use authentically prepared corned beef, the best this side of New York, and pile it high. Our ham and capocollo is sliced every morning, and we import Daily’s bacon from the States. It’s the best bacon money can buy, and cooked with care each morning.

We top our sandwiches off with a selection of cheeses, fresh sliced veggies, and Hickory Sticks.

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