Food from Around the World Part Two

Who’s ready  is part two of our Food from Around the World the Blog! Read on to discover amazing eats from local New West restaurants featuring the delicious flavours and cuisines of various regions in Asia. 



Located at the Starlight Casino in Queensborough, Kirin Seafood Restaurant is known for its Chinese cuisine, including their innovative dim sum.  Try their delicious Sticky Rice with Pork & Dried Scallop Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Steamed Scallop, Prawn, Dried Scallop & Egg White in Cuttlefish Ink Dough Dumpling, and BBQ Pork Pastry.

Dim sum
Photo credit: @thehungrycouple.yvr / Instagram


For a taste of India, we love Kalash Indian Kitchen in Queensborough. They offer unique Indian cuisine with Chinese influences. They have a flavourful array of dishes with many meat and veggie options such as Veggie Noodles,  Chicken Coconut Curry, and Lamb Tikka Masala.

Indian Food
Photo credit: @kalashindiankitchen / Instagram


Ikoi Sushi is a Japanese-owned restaurant, that specializes in handmade sushi and other tasty Japanese dishes. Some of their menu items include Salmon Sashimi, Chicken Katsu, and Yam Tempura Roll.

Photo credit: @peanutbutterandjeanie / Instagram


Wild Thyme is a popular family-run New West hotspot, serving delicious and flavourful Lebanese cuisine in the West End. Try their famous Fattoush Salad, Kafta and Rice, and Chicken Taouk Man’ Oushe’.

Lebanese food
Photo credit: @bitsofbee / Instagram


Tamarind Hill takes diners on a rich culinary adventure, offering some of the finest Malaysian cuisine in Metro Vancouver. We love their Roti Canai, Malaysian Chicken Curry, and Singapore Laksa (Spicy Coconut).

Singapore Laksa
Photo credit: @itsjosheats / Instagram


RedBeef Noodle Express is a must-visit restaurant for those looking to experience hearty and authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Some of their flavourful dishes include their Signature Beef Noodle Soup, Shrimp Wontons in Chili Oil, and Tomato Beef Noodle Soup.

Taiwanese noodles
Photo credit: @foodologyca / Instagram


Patsara Thai Restaurant serves up mouthwatering Thai dishes bursting with flavour in a modern setting.  We love their delicious Lamb Massamun Curry, Crispy Fish with Tamarind Sauce, and Tofu Pad Thai.

Thai food
Photo credit: @patsaranw / Instagram


Co Chau is perfect for those looking for delightful and amazing Vietnamese food made with fresh ingredients. Enjoy their scrumptious Pho Chay (Veggie Noodle Soup), Bun Thit Xao Sa (Spicy Lemongrass Stir-Fry & Noodle), and Goi Xoai Ngo Sen (Mango Lotus Salad).

Vietnamese salad
Photo credit: @my_foodcrush_yvr / Instagram

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these amazing restaurants or other restaurants by using the hashtag #MadeInNewWest.  You can also leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favourite places to dine in New West are! Looking for more amazing eats? Click here to check out part one of this series!