To participate in the Key to the City program and offer deals to 2000 key tag holders, please fill out the order form.

The Key to the City provides an opportunity for local businesses throughout New Westminster to attract customers by offering deals and discounts on their products or services. Customers become involved by purchasing a Key to the City key tag for $15 ($10 for renewal) that allows them to shop, dine and re-discover New Westminster for one full year.


This program encourages residents to support local businesses and welcomes visitors to explore what New Westminster has to offer. This program is a great opportunity to promote your business, engage customers, grow your customer base and potentially increase sales. Your business will potentially reach 2000 key tag holders with your deals and promotions. Nearly half of the 2000 key tags available are already sold.

We want your business to participate to ensure we are providing our Key to the City holders with the Best of New West.


The program entry fee is a one-time fee of $100 ($50 if you’ve booked an ad in the Official 2013/2014 New Westminster Visitor’s Guide). This includes all marketing and promotions of the program to its users as well as a tool kit that will facilitate your business’s success with this program.


This year, Tourism New Westminster will be implementing new strategies to ensure your business has the support it needs to generate a profitable ROI.


Becoming involved in this program is easy. Simply fill out a Participant Contract and describe the deal your business wishes to offer. The creation of the deal is entirely up to you but should be enticing customers to your business. We encourage value-added, one of a kind, quality offers that will draw people to your establishment. Remember, the deal your business offers may be rotated quarterly.

Please contact us if you feel you need help in creating a successful offer.

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