Guide to New West’s Unique Eats: Part One

Looking to spice up your life? Then this is the guide for you. Treat yourself and head out on a culinary adventure with these 10 New West gems. 


Longtail Kitchen 

Created by chef Angus An, the mastermind behind the popular Vancouver eatery Maenam, Longtail Kitchen is known for its Thai and Southeast Asian style street food with a modern twist. Featuring local ingredients, their dishes are known for their bright spices and flavours while staying true to traditional roots. Drop by the River Market to try out their famous Longtail wings as part of the River Market Food Crawl.


Sago Togo 

Located on 12th street, Sago Togo is a family-owned Filipino dessert and bubble tea shop serving up classic Pinoy treats. Try their Taho (sweet silken tofu with tapioca), bubble waffles or one of their unique drink flavours like Taro-Ube or Buko Pandan. Open for pickup or delivery online via Fantuan and UberEats, or by calling 604-553-2215.


Tamarind Hill 

Tamarind Hill’s second location on 6th Ave in Uptown New West is a must if you’re looking to experience authentic Malaysian cuisine. Aromatic and rich, their dishes are reminiscent of neighbouring South East Asian and colonial influences. Try their flaky roti canai, Hainanese chicken rice, laksa and more (with tons of vegetarian options available too). Open for dine-in, or call 604-526-3000 to book a reservation.


Wild Thyme

Locals know Wild Thyme as an unassuming but amazing Lebanese spot. On their menu is a variety of wraps, man’ oushe’ (flatbreads baked in a brick oven) and their mains — chicken, kafta or cauliflower baked with aromatic rice and drizzled in a tangy tahini dressing, accompanied by a zesty salad, four amazing dipping sauces and a fresh & pillowy flatbread. Although currently not open for dine-in, takeout is available via UberEats or by calling 778-917-9894. 


Kozak Ukrainian Eatery 

This little shop located on 6th street is the place to go for soul-warming homemade Ukrainian food. After starting in 2014 as a bakery, Kozak Ukrainian Eatery has stolen the hearts of New West residents and has incorporated classic Ukrainian dishes to become a neighbourhood favourite. Their warm borscht and thick slices of fresh bread is the definition of comfort food, and the dark chocolate babka is the perfect dessert. Dine-in or prepare it at home with the family-sized meals. Call 778-955-9135 or visit their website for pick up.


UK Sweets Restaurant & Catering


UK Sweets Restaurant, located in Queensborough, offers a full range of Indian dishes that will not disappoint. For a taste of India, try their creamy butter chicken with basmati rice, or for a more traditional combination try the soft, fluffy Bhatura and flavourful Chhole curry with spicy pickles. You can’t forget to pick up a box of sweets- they’re all delicious! UK Sweets is available for pickup and delivery on their website.

Check back next week for part two of our guide to the hidden gem restaurants in New West!