Guide to New West’s Unique Eats: Part Two

Who’s ready for seconds? If you’re looking for something new to feast on, here are 6 more unique eats to add to your bucket list. 


D Roti Shak 

D Roti Shak on 12th street is serving up Caribbean soul food that is sure to blow your mind (and your taste buds). We recommend trying their authentic Trinidadian roti, stuffed with a generous portion with your choice of veggie or meat curry which will leave you feeling satisfied. Available for takeout or delivery via Doordash.




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A popular Brazillian food truck, Whatafood has opened its first brick and mortar location in Shops at New West! We recommend trying their pão de queijo (Brazillian cheese puffs, a fan favourite) or their pastéis — flaky dough filled with cheese or meats, fried in vegetable oil until crisp and golden. Open for takeout or online via Doordash.  


Saigon Ivy 


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Nothing warms you up better on a chilly day than a hot bowl of pho. Saigon Ivy on 6th Street is a hidden gem for Vietnamese food in New West. Their pho broth is the perfect balance of savoury and salty, their spring rolls are flavourful and crispy, and their Banh Mi sandwiches are generously stuffed with meat and veggies. Saigon Ivy is open for dine-in and available for takeout by calling 604-526-3388.


Victoria Sushi

Hidden in the Victoria Heights neighbourhood, the aptly named Victoria Sushi offers a great selection of fresh sushi and bento boxes. Looking to try something new? Order their Aburi Oshi sushi (flame-seared sushi) or their sushi pizza! Call 604-759-3848 for takeout or order online via Doordash. 


Taqueria Playa Tropical


Craving a plate of traditional, authentic Mexican cuisine? Located on 6th street, Taqueria Playa Tropical is the place to go. We definitely recommend trying their nachos or pescado salteado – a staff and customer favourite. If you’re feeling ravenous, try out their monster burrito – stuffed with all the fillings and the meat of your choice. Taqueria Playa Tropical is available for takeout by calling 604-544-5006 or via DoorDash and UberEats.


Make sure to check out part one for more unique eats in New West!