New Westminster is Canada’s Recovery Capital

This Saturday marks the annual Recovery Day Festival that New Westminster has hosted for the past several years. Recovery Day- a national day where those who are recovering are celebrated has turned into a vibrant day of celebration as New Westminster transforms into the Recovery Capital of Canada as thousands descend upon the community to gather and celebrate.

New Westminster has an extensive network of support for those who are recovering- most notably services provided by Last Door and Westminster House who have been providing services for decades.

Last Door and Westminster House over decades have collaborated to create Canada’s most unique recovery communities. Events like Family Day, new west recovery sun run team, sports day, nights at the movies, Dances at the Metro, Bernie Legge theatre nights, Massey theatre events, Uptown Coffee Shops,  these spaces make up New West Recovery. We have thousands of NWR maps distributed, these maps indicate New West mental health and addiction assets for where people can get help. Many clients post treatment stay in new west and find apartments here, after the decades, this has made New West a destination for people in recovery to live in.Also people in recovery from across North America come to new west to attend 12 step meetings. New West hosts some of the largest mutual support meetings.

Last Door can care for up to 90 individuals and provides addiction treatment services for youth and adult males since 1984. Last Door serves approximately 400 people per year with primary care treatment plus hundreds more with continuing care and family program services.  Last Door  provides a Social Model Programs to overcome addiction help people build recovery capital in their lives.

Westminster House has been providing addiction recovery program for women since 1981. They are one of the longest running programs for women in the province. Westminster House serves 250 people per year with primary care treatment plus hundreds more with continuing care services. They recently introduced a youth program as an addition to their complement of services.

Be sure to attend Saturday September 7th and join the more than 20,000 others who gather for the hybrid music festival, mental health and Addiction information and rally. Three stages, a kids zone, vendors and lots of information will be on hand. Also, there is a moving memorial centre with an iron tree with thousands of names of those loved ones that have been lost to overdose.