Spirit of the Children Society: Laughing for a Great Cause

Spirt of the Children Society

Spirit of the Children Society (SOTCS) presents: a hilarious night full of comedy, hypnotism and drinks this Fall! On September 21st, a fundraiser will be held at the Columbia Theatre and all proceeds will go towards the SOTCS’s Youth Hub in Port Coquitlam. For only $40, you can directly impact the lives of our Indigenous youth for the better!


The Spirit of the Children Society is an indigenous non-profit society based in British Columbia, which aims to empower and strengthen Indigenous families. They do this by providing support and resources to them via free programs, various outreach initiatives and more.  Their sectors (to name a few) range from Early Childhood Development, and Housing, to Youth and Family Development. The SOTCS mission is to walk in love, honor and respect and they base their philosophies on the 7 Sacred Teachings: Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility & Truth.

And their efforts don’t stop there: The Spirit of the Children Society was the first organization in Canada to introduce the Aboriginal Family Healing Court Conference, a project that brings culture and indigenous approaches to children and families in the forster care system. In addition to this, the society is extremely welcoming and LGBTQ+ friendly. They run a weekly SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) group for all ages. This year-round support group and circle celebrates diversity and provides a safe place for people to explore their identities.

If you were to attend the upcoming SOTCS fundraiser, you would be directly supporting the lives of Indigenous youth. In fact, 100% of proceeds go towards that very cause. Funds raised on September 21st will help to keep programs running, youths fed and transportation available at the Youth Hub. While the Columbia Theatre has graciously donated their venue towards the cause, the night’s performers (whom are all of indigenous descent) have also offered their entertainment out of their passion for the fundraiser. It’s up to you now to help facilitate that change.  


So if you are 19+, buy tickets to the event for you and your friends. You’ll get to see hypnotist Scott Ward, as well as comedians Middle of the Sky, Keller Reeves, James Burr and Chuck Cease. Plus, you’ll have the great fortune of having the amazing Bubbas as your emcee! Call the SOTCS office to purchase your tickets to the event: (604) 524-9113 OR find more information on the SOTCS website: http://www.sotcs.ca/