ReDiscover New West: For the Planet

The City of New Westminster has taken bold steps to tackle climate change. So, it’s no surprise the city is home to so many climate-friendly retailers you can easily visit by bike, foot or transit. Follow along on this bike journey that will take you from Sapperton to Queensborough with help from transit and the Q to Q Ferry.

Video credit: Andres Markwart

If you’re looking for a new bike, bike accessories or tools, look no further than Cap’s Bicycle in Sapperton. This family-run bike shop is just about a decade shy of celebrating 100 years in existence! Don’t be fooled by the old-fashioned bikes they have on display either – that’s part of the museum! All the bikes on the sales floor include the latest technology, including e-bikes. They even have 3D scanning equipment to make sure your bike is adjusted to fit you correctly. 

Photo credit: Andres Markwart

The next stop is across the city at What’s Good? Vintage Apparel on 12th Street in the West End. Use this Cycling in New Westminster map to help you find the route that’s best for you. No matter which way you take, consider taking a slight detour and stop at Rocky Point Ice Cream on 5th Street in Uptown, which is recommended after the hill climb. 

An alternate route is to grab the bus and pop your bike on the rack. The 128 bus travels along 8th Avenue and goes right to 12th. Now you may be asking why travel across town to go to What’s Good? Vintage Apparel?  Because they have what’s good – what’s good to wear and what’s good for the environment. According to a study from Quantis, clothing and shoe sectors account for eight percent of global carbon emissions! Whereas buying second-hand clothes can help to reduce those emissions.

If the environmental benefits aren’t enough to persuade you, their collection of retro t-shirts, hoodies and shoes will help to seal the deal. The store is well laid out, prices are fair, and you can stay on top of their latest additions by following them on Instagram. For more pre-loved fashion finds, check out Regional Animal Protection Society Thrift Shop at 12th St and 9th Avenue, Grand Central Consignment on Carnarvon, and Value Village in Queensborough. Visit for a listing of more thrift shops in the city.

Photo credit: Andres Markwart

Leaving What’s Good? Vintage Apparel, it’s a short 10-minute cruise down 10th Street to The Refill Stop, a low-waste refill stop right here in New West. You can get everything you need to help make a positive difference in climate change while getting quality products for your home, pets, and you. They stock hundreds of refillable products, from shampoo, laundry soap to toothpaste and deodorant. The Refill Stop curates environmentally friendly products, and where possible, they are local to help further reduce the carbon footprint. If you need help, Jessica, the owner, will answer all your questions and help you find the product right for you. You can also order online and they’ll deliver right to your door. 

Right across the street from The Refill Stop is the Lower Mainland’s Serious Coffee location. They carry a great selection of in-store made desserts and sandwiches, including vegan and gluten-free options. And with a name like Serious Coffee, well, you know they take their coffee seriously.

The next stop is Cosy Yarns & Gifts at the River Market, a 3-minute bike ride from Serious Coffee. This gem of a shop has everything you need to make your knitted goods, be it socks, bags or baby blankets. If yarn’s not your thing, you’ll still want to pop in because they have some of the most delightful gift ideas and useful items. Like a cotton cinch-backpack for all the things you’ve been shopping for. 

Photo credit: Cosy Yarns & Gifts

No tour of New West’s environmentally friendly shops is complete with a visit to the Bulk Barn, a Canadian-owned bulk food store in Queensborough. It’s a 20-minute bike ride via the BC Parkway over Queensborough Bridge. Depending on the time of day you can also take the Q to Q Ferry across the Fraser River. With over 4,000 bulk food items, including gluten-free and non-GMO products, you’ll be sure to find something to refuel you before you cycle home. And don’t forget to bring your refillable containers! 

This is just a brief exploration of the eco-friendly stores in New West. Visit for more stores that can help you feel good and do good for the planet. While you’re there, enter to win the Grand Prize of $1000 in gift certificates from your favourite local shop. The contest runs until June 30, 2021.  Read ReDiscover New West’s post about shopping for the home here.