Tourism Challenge 2024!

Please note that the Tourism Challenge program is only available for industry passport holders to participate. Not available for public participation.

New Westminster is an eclectic riverfront community located in the heart of Metro Vancouver and a convenient 25-minute SkyTrain ride to downtown Vancouver. We offer a great selection of unique experiences, breweries, diverse independent restaurants, captivating galleries, performances, historic sites, events and much more! Get ready for an exciting day of exploration in Western Canada’s oldest city.

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Visit the Tourism New Westminster Visitor Centre located inside the Anvil Centre to receive your stamps!

Address: 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.
Hours: 7 days a week, 10am – 5pm

While visiting the Anvil Centre:

1) Receive your 1 Anvil Centre Attraction stamp after exploring the:

-New Media Gallery
-New Westminster Museum & Archives
-The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
-Community Art Gallery 

Attraction stamp questions will be provided on site.

2) Receive your 2 New Westminster neighborhood stamps after completing either the Downtown OR Uptown Scavenger Hunt – questions below!

3) Enter for a chance to win an I ❀ New West Experience Package:

πŸ”Ή2 tickets to any one of the 2024/25 Massey Theatre Presents performances
πŸ”Ή2 tickets to any one of the 2024/25 Anvil Theatre Presents performances
πŸ”Ή2 passes to the Fraser River Discovery Centre
πŸ”Ή$50 Gift Certificate for Another Beer Company
πŸ”Ή$50 Gift Certificate for Sushi Well Japanese Restaurant
πŸ”ΉI ❀ NW merch including a mug, pins, stickers a tote bag and more!

#WhereStoriesMeet Scavenger Hunt

The #WhereStories Meet Scavenger Hunt invites you to explore a few of the many inviting neighborhoods we have in New Westminster. Complete 5/7 questions of either the Downtown OR Uptown Scavenger Hunt to receive your 2 neighborhood stamps!

No need to complete both the Downtown and Uptown Scavenger Hunts – but of course we would love to have you explore both.

Download a PDF version to print out, so you can write down your answers while exploring:
Downtown Questions
Uptown Questions

Location map can be found at the bottom of this page. ‡

Downtown New Westminster

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1. Hyack Square

What is the name of the child who ran to his father on the “Wait for me Daddy” statue?

πŸ“: Columbia St. and Eighth St.

2. River Market

What is the name of the tea place beside the escalator in the River Market?

πŸ“: New Westminster Quay, 810 Quayside Dr.

3. Board Walk at the Westminster Quay

Why was the Simon Fraser statue relocated to the New West boardwalk?

πŸ“: New Westminster Quay, 810 Quayside Dr.

4. World’s Tallest Tin Soldier

Take a selfie with the World’s Tallest Tin Soldier and upload it on social media tagging @tourismnewwest #ExploreNewWest

πŸ“: New Westminster Quay, 810 Quayside Dr.

5. Fraser River Discovery Centre

What are the three shapes on the windows at the Discovery Centre?

πŸ“: New Westminster Quay, 810 Quayside Dr.

6. Mural on Front St

At the intersection of Front St and McKenzie St, right across the street from Moodswing Coffee and Bar, there is a long mural along the fences with different letters spelling out a sentence. What is the sentence written in the mural?

πŸ“: Front St. and McKenzie St. (right across Moodswing Coffee and Bar)

7. Rick Bronson’s – House of Comedy BC

The House of Comedy was built in 1927 and was formerly known as the Columbia Theatre. Who were the architects of the venue?

πŸ“: 530 Columbia St.

Uptown New Westminster

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1. Massey Theatre

What is the quote written on the ground in front of the Massey Theatre entrance?

πŸ“: 735 8th Ave

2. Moody Park

Who donated the clock at the entrance of Moody Park by the 6th Ave and Eighth St intersection?

πŸ“: 600 Eighth St.

3. Uptown Plaza

Name two colours on the floor of the Uptown Plaza.

πŸ“: 605 Belmont St. (6th St. and Belmont St.)

4. Westminster Centre

Beside London Drugs, there is a long hallway with a wall of historical facts about New Westminster. What is the name of the hospital that Charles George Major’s home was converted into in 1919?

πŸ“: Westminster Centre, 555 6th St.

5. Kozak Homemade Ukrainian Food

What does the sign hanging outside of Kozak Homemade Ukrainian Food say?

πŸ“: 444 6th St.

6. Anny’s Dairy Bar

Anny’s Dairy Bar is home to the famous Maple Twist Cone! Take a selfie eating the signature cone or with the giant Maple Twist Cone sign and upload it on social media tagging @tourismnewwest #ExploreNewWest

πŸ“: 722 6th St.

7. Alphaball

The Alphaball is a piece of art made up of all English Letters and whole numbers shaped into a sphere. The artist, Tony Bloom primarily works in copper, steel, bronze and aluminium. What metal is the Alphaball made of?

πŸ“: 716 6th Ave (Outside of the New Westminster Public Library)

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Good luck!