5 Places to Enjoy Spring Blooms Around New Westminster

Spring has finally arrived in New Westminster! With cherry blossoms and gardens scattered across the city, there are plenty of spots to enjoy these blossoms before the season ends. Here are our top five spring aesthetic sites to visit!

Friendship garden and tipperary park
Photo credit: @romanlanon via Instagram

Located beside New Westminster City Hall, Tipperary Park is the perfect place to take a break after hiking along the hilly roads to get there. Take a moment to admire this refuge in the heart of the city, enjoying views of the cherry blossoms, ponds and trees while surrounded by the sound of the small waterfalls on the benches. You might even spot some ducks to complete your tranquil nature experience in this special park.

Cozy neighborhoods of glenbrook ravine park
Sunny day with blue skies, trees to the left providing shade over a view of a concrete bridge
Photo credit: @vsmlee via Instagram

Want to escape the city? Get lost in the beautiful forest trails hidden in Glenbrook Ravine Park. First, take a stroll along the surrounding neighborhoods filled with cherry blossoms and search for the access points into the park through Jamieson Court, Blackberry Drive and Glenbrook Drive. Then, immerse yourself within the park and wander around the winding forest paths. Also, there are cute ponds and flower gardens that are worth some selfies! Don’t forget to use the #MadeInNewWest to capture this moment.

queen’s park gardens and heritage houses
A heart flower arrangement in the park with trees and blue skies
Photo credit: @eldiariodeunacuarentona via Instagram

Queen’s Park is going full spring mode this season! With elaborate gardens and cherry blossoms all over, spring is one of the best times to enjoy New West’s first public park. Additionally, you can wander around the neighborhood to see historical heritage houses and their gardens by following our self-guided walking tour.

waterfront esplanade and park boardwalk
A white railed boardwalk along the muddy Fraser River with people walking along it
Photo credit: @juanmei1020 via Instagram

The iconic waterfront boardwalk is charming all season year round, especially during spring. The combination of the increasing buzz of activity with flowers along the boardwalk makes a stroll quite pleasant. You got a clear view of the Fraser River the whole way with the addition of mini gardens all in one! If you get tired or hungry, River Market is always nearby for a pit stop and you can grab some food to replenish your energy to keep walking.

cemeteries by richmond st.
Cherry blossoms in Fraser cemetery during the spring
Photo credit: @iam.garrett via Instagram

Spring has arrived at Fraser Cemetery near Richmond St. While this spot boasts beautiful views looking east over the Fraser River all year round, the grounds come alive each spring with the many cherry trees which dot the peaceful hills. As this is a cemetery, please remember to be respectful of this space.

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