Tourism Challenge 2024!

Please note that the Tourism Challenge program is only available for industry passport holders to participate. Not available for public participation. New Westminster is an eclectic riverfront community located in the heart of Metro Vancouver and a convenient 25-minute SkyTrain ride to downtown Vancouver. We offer a great selection of unique experiences, breweries, diverse independent […]

The TV & Film Locations of New Westminster: A Self-guided Walking Tour

From Godzilla and I, Robot to Riverdale and X-Files, New Westminster’s historic neighbourhoods have appeared in more films and TV shows than you might think. New West has portrayed major urban metropolises such as New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and even Japan. 

Old + New West: The Golden Mile

Columbia Street in downtown New Westminster has always served as a central location where people would come and gather. Through time, the street has seen the glorious days of the 40’s and 50’s, when it was known as “The Golden Mile” and it has also faced its fair share of hardships that came along with […]

Old + New West: Hyack Square

Beginning in 1859, the Royal Engineers surveyed what is now Downtown New Westminster into a grid pattern parallel to the Fraser River. What is now known as Hyack Square was one of the oldest urban squares in the city, first established in 1860 as an extension of Merchant Square. Although New West residents greatly appreciated […]

Old + New West: The Quay

What is now known as the Quay was first surveyed by The Royal Engineers in 1860. They superimposed a grid pattern parallel to the Fraser River on the natural topography of the area with streets running up the hill and avenues across it. The area along the waterfront became a central industrial area for the […]

Old + New West: Heritage Homes

Queen’s Park neighbourhood was one of New Westminster’s original suburban areas. In 1859, the Royal Engineers marked out the area that is now known as Queen’s Park. This included road allowances for wide streets and landscaped boulevards. The area soon began to attract various merchants and entrepreneurs who sought a prestigious location to live away […]

Old + New West: Brewery District

After the great fire of 1898, the New Westminster Brewery, originally located on the corner of Carnarvon and Eighth Street in downtown New Westminster, was rebuilt at Brunette and Columbia on the site of the defunct Jamieson brewery. After prohibition ended in 1920, the Sapperton Brewery was able to prosper, in part because of its […]

Old + New West: Cycling

Gerald Hobbis, more popularly known as Cap, sold his first bicycle in 1932. In order to make it through the Depression and the war years, Cap and his brothers would take used bikes and fix them up. They made sure to rent out bikes as well. Cap’s Bike Shop and Original Bicycle Museum is still […]