Guide to New West’s Unique Eats: Part One

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery

Looking to spice up your life? Then this is the guide for you. Treat yourself and head out on a culinary adventure with these 10 New West gems.    Longtail Kitchen  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Steph Wan (@stephwants) Created by chef Angus An, the mastermind behind the popular Vancouver eatery […]

Keep the Kids Entertained with Summer Fun for Little Ones 

Summer’s finally here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re trying to stay sane with the kids running around the house all day. Sound familiar? If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 ideas for some in-person and online fun to keep boredom at bay […]

The Flavours of New West

Whatever your tongue desires, the local restaurants, bakeries and breweries of New West have flavour for days and they know just how to fulfill your tastebuds. 

Retro New West: Antique Alley & B-Bombshell Hair Salon

Retro: something that is imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past. Some places are imitative of the past, while others seem to transport you to a completely different time era. Think of Antique Alley and B-Bombshell Hair Salon, for example:  Antique Alley materializes our memories by presenting to us the antiques […]

New West: Bridal Capital of British Columbia

Weddings require a lot of planning and a lot of work! And it’s for this reason that New West is an attractive destination for prospective brides. We’re a one stop shop for all things matrimony.  

New West Museum & Archives: Upcoming Programs & Attractions to End Off 2019

  Happy Back-to-School season! As the weather begins to cool and people get back into the swing of their autumn schedules, the New West Museum & Archives soldiers on with an innumerable amount of programs and exhibitions. Read on to learn more about the attractions you’ll FALL for!    -Upcoming Exhibits- 1. The Heat Is […]